Oh hey, another year went by..

Hope you didn’t hold your breath since the last update!

Its amazing how much time gets sucked into what seems to be a child and demanding job vortex! I’m however still here (i think) in case you were wondering ;P

Its a Girl!

One of the greatest things in my life happened on the 18th of November 2011, at 0738.. my daughter Ashley Rose was born! 3.6kg (8lb) & 51cm long.

It’s really quite amazing how such an event can change your life. I normally scoffed silently at those who told me “it will change your life” leading up to her birth it because I thought I knew what to expect and what would happen afterwards. I did not however expect my feelings and perspective on life to change so significantly as it has in the last week, and now I whole heartily expect it to change further as time progresses and I get to experience and watch her grow. :)

Exciting times ahead!

strobist – Incense smoke

This was really my first attempt of doing off camera flash work. Spent a couple of hours figuring out how to manually set up the shots.

I’ve only ever really relied on the TTF metering and having the flash on camera so the body would sort this all out for me so it was a bit of a crash course.

When I figured it out it was like one of those lightbulb moments where everything made sense and it really is quite easy to prep the shots! heh, see what I did there? lightbulb moment… flash…? *groan*

The only post processing done is to darken a small section in the bottom right corner , which was just from a black tshirt on the floor that was slightly exposed by the flash.

time flies

So I’ve been in a new job for the last 6 months yet it feels like a year. So much learned, so much done and there is (yet again) a distinct gap in blog updates. I suspect these may be related… 😉 *shock horror*

Have been doing a *lot* of performance tuning in the last few months. I thought I did a lot of perf tuning at my previous job but that is really nothing in comparison. High performance, high volume, extremely low latency, that’s where I’m at at the moment and its rather cool :)

Something I didn’t mention since my last update is that my wife Sara and I are expecting, in under a week now actually! Really exciting times ahead, and totally looking forward to it!

In light of the above I’ve also fast tracked a few photography .. err.. acquisitions.. which has proven to be absolutely awesome in the limited week I’ve had them. I upgraded to a Canon 5d Mk2 (yeah yeah , I couldn’t wait for that fabled 5dmk3 ;P ) a 24-70 f/2.8 USM, and a 70-200 f/4 IS USM, some strobist umbrellas, speedlight mounts and other equipment. For those following my flickr, you can see some of these but some of my cool ideas have yet to eventuate, and I attribute that to my current lack of available time.. I’m still trying out new things, and am still producing a lot of amateur stuff, but those that do (in my opinion) shine through are really cool. I really can’t believe I haven’t updated to a full frame sensor sooner, this kit is freakin’ awesome!!


While I’ve had a significant interest in art since I was a kid I’ve started to focus again over the past year or so in the photography space and have started picking up various DSLR gear and trying out some really cool things.

I’ve had a lot of fun (re)learning things again and and especially enjoying macro photography at the moment.

I just tonight picked up a Canon 580EX II which I have some grand plans for. Initial tests have yielded some impressive results. I’ve still yet to get a couple of things such as diffusers, gel’s, reflectors and remote triggers before I can do what I had planned on but this is still a great start.

When I start putting together some more relatively acceptable shots I’ll be putting them up on my flickr account and probably linking some of my fav’s here.