Debian nvidia modules

Note: A lot has changed since this article was last updated in 2006 so the information may no longer be current.

Installing Nvidia kernel modules on a Debian machine.

Before commencing you need to ensure you have compiled your own kernel.
Instructions on how to do so can be found here

Nvidia kernel package

apt-get install nvidia-kernel-source
cd /usr/src
tar -zxf nvidia-kernel-source.tar.gz
cd linux
make-kpkg modules_image
cd /usr/src
dpkg -i nvidia-kernel-KVER*.deb

The debian package also creates a bunch of /dev/nvidia* devices which have a gid of video. You will need to add yourself to the video group. This will also require you to log out and log back in again to gain the new group permissions.

addgroup username video

Nvidia GLX package

apt-get install nvidia-glx


Modify your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 remove the following 2 lines:

Load "GLcore"
Load "dri"

Tell x to use the new driver in Section “Device” by removing the following line:

Driver "nv"

and replacing it with:

Driver "nvidia"

Now cross your fingers and hang onto your pants!